Ukinox Kitchen Systems was established in Istanbul, Turkey in 1992. Since the founding of our first factory, we have been manufacturing high-end stainless steel sinks with the most advanced level of expertise in the industry.Our factory and products are certified by international quality standards organizations, such as BE EN ISO 9001 .

As our reputation grew synonymous with quality, and affordability, so did our need to expand our manufacturing facilities. We have established additional factories in Ukraine, and Russian Federation.

Over the last two decades we have been exporting our wide-range of kitchen systems to selective international markets in the world, including Europe and North America.

Our goal is to become your choice for a high quality sink with the reputation of superior in-house design, value, and attention to detail.


As a national and international company, our mission is to maintain our genuine line without sacrificing our quality in the principle that is, ‘ always new, always quality’ and without avoiding to invest to future with our services at this geography that we currently live in.


While we are navigating our perceptions and perspectives with our innovative sense, our primary objective is to fulfill the need of being a worldwide company by continuing to present strong and quality products along with our products in various countries of the world.


Our primary goal is to see the future with the help of our RD ( research and development ) researches. To maintain our quality standards at the maximum level and to present better products are two pieces of our quality policy.

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